2018 Camp Pendleton Marine Male/Female Athlete of the Year Semper Fit


September 24, 2018 – October 15, 2018 all-day
Semper Fit

MCCS Semper Fit Division Athletic Department is currently seeking applications for the “2018 Camp Pendleton Marine Male/Female Athlete of the Year” for both male and female athletes.

Please be aware that applications must be completely filled out in order to be considered. All information must be contained on the application itself.
CD’s, videos, website links, etc. will not be permitted. When submitting your application, please have an “athletic biography” and a “head and shoulder” photo attached.

Applicants should include the following individual athletic accomplishment information:

1) Competitive experience level for 2018 (Varsity, Regional,
All-Marine, Olympic, etc.)
2) Number of competitive events for 2018 (races, games, tournaments,
competitions, etc.)
3) Number of athletic leagues participated in for 2018 (military,
civilian, etc.)
4) Performance accomplishments for 2018 (wins, notable times, records
set, etc.)

The deadline to submit your application for consideration as Camp Pendleton Marine Male and Female Athlete of the Year is 15 October 2018. The Camp Pendleton Athletic Director will review all applications and make his selections. Selected male and female athletes applications from Camp Pendleton will be sent to Headquarters Marine Corps for consideration for the 2018 Marine Corps’ Male and Female Athlete of the Year.

To obtain a Male/Female Athlete of the Year application, please contact Doug Hall at 760-763-0453 or hallde@usmc-mccs.org

or go to: Sports_Athlete Of The Year.pdf


For further questions or concerns about the Camp Pendleton Marine Male and Female Athlete of the Year, please call Doug Hall at the number listed above or visit this webpage.